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We went to Neil's brother's Jiffy Lube to wash up the cars first thing Friday morning

Craig got in first.  That was some HOT water we were using!

2quicknovas...oh yeah, Aren's, too.

David's telling Bruce all about streetability

Wait, why'd we let this guy in?

Rob trying to scare away customers with his Nova

John Heard made it with is very nice '71

Now Jim's trying to keep them away...

The pit

All lined up with no place to go

Mark and his brother wandering...

Photoman's not sure if he wants to join that group

Thanks for the banana, Deb!

John Heard's

Rob and Deb's


Bruce J's


Lunch.  We tried to go to Sonic, but they were quite full, so we went here for the food and took it to the park to eat.

Shady types surrounding the joint

Novas everywhere

Huge geese were everywhere

We took our burgers to Island Park, one of the nicest parks we've seen

Nice, little parking area with nice, little cars

More of the same

More of the same

More of the same

This is getting rediculous


Nice rearends!

Bruce decided to mess with his carb

Then he decided to screw up a gasket and spill fuel all over

He's finally getting it back together

Back to the motel with John Heard leading, followed by Rob/Deb/Dave and Danny behind them

Wait, how'd Craig and Angella get ahead of me?

Pulling into Saheb's Place

Where's the banana?

I was honored to have a ride in...the plastic fantastic

There's Jim's cousin Larry wishing he could have a Nova


We finally made it to Western Sizzlin' for dinner

Nice lineup

Everyone was taking pictures!

There was very little food left over after we got done!

Larry trying to be first in line for the video, chirping his tires everywhere he went

Deb moving the car around at Braum's Ice Cream

John Heard trying to get out of the way before I snap the picture

Back to the motel from Braum's

Bruce's Trip to KS

Craig's Trip to KS

Thursday Evening


Saturday Racing

Saturday Picnic


Bruce's Trip Home

Craig's Trip Home

G01 Awards and Stats