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STILL working on Karl's car!

Beautiful view from above

Karl telling the crossed-wires story.  Again.

Beautiful engine

Craig is telling Scott Dahnke and Robert Nelson how to convince their wives they need more power

Lee's parents come to this thing voluntarily!  That's so cool.



Craig didn't have much left tire clearance...


Breakfast at Prime Place.  Good, but not speedy.

The listserv newbie

And proud papa

Neil telling Eddie, Scott, and Mike something

Danny, Soliday, Karl's driving buddy (can't remember names at all anymore!), and Krabby Karl

Aren, Robert Nelson's son, Kim, and Bill

Dave, newbie, Trish, and their other kids

Shawn's girlfriend, Shawn, John, and John's son talking to Neil's son

Lee, Robert, Mark, Mark's brother, Robern Telson, Lee's dad, Lee's mom, and Kayce

Rob, Deb, Robert Nelson's wife, and Photoman.  Hmmmm...

Ty, Larry, Angella, and Craig

The Brunch Spot

Pretty street outside Prime Place

Some nice Novas parked outside Prime Place

Bruce J's, Aren's, and Soliday's

More yellow

Nice rides

Can you tell I like yellow?

The Hitchcocks

Dave and mostly Neil explaining the whole CWE thing - Mike looks on...bored...

Aren got a kick out of it, fortunately

Deb wants me.  Or she's trying to tan her palms.

Oh crap, it's her again!

Heading to the fairgrounds for awards and pictures

Cool lineup

The crowd awaits

Still waiting...



Almost ready for the awards!

Rob and Deb

Proud parents of a screaming baby Blackheart

Is this cute or what?

Lee started a new tradition!  Burnout as you leave the host city.  Apparently Aren is checking his name off the list.

Yeah baby!

The Lee Green Aftermath - and his proud parents.  Chevystroker looks on wishing he could outdo him but alas, a broken motor prevented it.

Not to be outdone by Lee Green, Rob got into the action.  He was definitely outdone by Lee Green.

Nice dirt you found to 'burnout' on...

The Robersons left their mark(s)

Is there any smoke there?  Hmmm...

There goes Mr. King doing a one-wheeler

Eddie's track

Here's Craig trying a burnout with sticky tires.  507 Kb

Shawn dials up a big one

Typical Shawn-style burnout

The aftermath of Shawn

Aren doing a...ummm...burnout?  He spun a tire, really!

There goes Aren and Mark Scott and his brother.  Even Mark got a little rubber in the Town Car.

Heard's beautiful '71

Heard's beautiful '71 laying down some nice rubber.  1.1 Mb

Heading back to the motel to pack up and head out

Bruce's and Soliday's reachers

Bruce's Trip to KS

Craig's Trip to KS

Thursday Evening


Saturday Racing

Saturday Picnic


Bruce's Trip Home

Craig's Trip Home

G01 Awards and Stats