G03 Day One - Wednesday
G03 Day Two - Thursday
G03 Day Four - Saturday
G03 Day Five - Sunday

Friday morning was quiet. Well, except for Craig revving the heck out of his 383 after he got done adjusting his valves. We went to lunch at Schlotzky's and Mazzio's Pizza (we all couldn't fit inside Schlotzky's), came back to the motel for a couple hours, then headed out to Schifferdecker Park for the picnic. After that we contemplated the predicted baseball-sized hail and hightailed it for cover at various locations, including both the self-serve car wash and new car dealership nearby. Heavy rain, small hail, and no harm done.

Craig gathered a crowd while running his valves.

Hanging out, working on cars, etc.

Krabby Karl and his Kakes:

Photoman giving Bruce the finer points of taking pictures of minivans in the bright sun.

Time for the picnic!

Dave O. wishing he had his car on the road rather than on a shirt.

Ahh, the REAL hot rods! Dave and Susan's big ol' Ford dually, and Bruce's wife's Dodge Caravan.

Angella and her '63.

A couple of Rich Marshalls and a couple of SIVAs.

Lee Green and his freshly-painted ride.

Bill and Kim and '62 convertible..

Karl and Angella and their respective convertibles.

The picnic was fun as always, great food (and plenty of it!), great people, great Ted Drewe's, and thanks to Mike Parsons, great pans! He had piles and piles to give away, just like last year. Thanks Mike! We got everything packed up and put away and headed back to the motel, but on the way the weather people started threatening us with strong thunderstorms with wind and hail and all sorts of nasty stuff. We weren't sure what to do so we hung out at the motel for a while, but then the storm started to roll in and many of us high-tailed it out of there. Some went to a nearby car dealership to park under their overhang, some went to a self-service car wash up the road, and some just went to bed. Jim and Karl(?) thought they'd hide their cars from the hail in the motel breezeway, but got kicked out shortly thereafter.

Here was the scene at the Raco car wash. From left to right are Pat Cossey's, Larry Davis', Bill McDougal's, and Lee Green's cars.

As long as we were just waiting, how about a couple well-lit shots of a some gorgeous cars?

...and waiting...and waiting....and waiting....

Then Bruce thought he'd try his hand at getting some lightning shots, and then both the cars and the lightning. Some of them worked out pretty well!

Then the rains came....and went...but wow did it rain!

And that was it for the night. Well, not until after we sat in the corner of the back parking lot and chatted for another couple hours...

Copyright 2003 Bruce Johnson and Craig Watson