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The Fifth Annual Nova List Gathering will take place during the weekend of July 10-13 in Joplin, Missouri. Please fill out the following form as best you can so we can secure accomodations and plan this thing out as well as possible.

Your Name?

Your Town?

Your e-mail address?

Liklihood you'll make it to G03?
Without question!
90% chance
70% chance
50% chance
30% chance
10% chance
About as likely as Aren properly breaking in a cam

How many (including you) do you expect to be in your group?

How many motel rooms do you expect your party will need?

When do you expect to arrive?

Do you plan to bring your Nova?
No, some other POS.
No, a rental to beat on

What generation of Nova do you own?

Do you plan to race the vehicle you bring?

Best ET with the car you're bringing or best-ever Gathering ET?

Any comments or questions?

Copyright 2003 Bruce Johnson and Craig Watson