G03 Day One - Wednesday
G03 Day Three - Friday
G03 Day Four - Saturday
G03 Day Five - Sunday

Thursday consisted mostly of welcoming people as they arrived throughout the day, as well as minor clean-up of the cars and dinner at Sonic. Bill and Kim showed up late Wednesday night during the rainstorm, and Bill was up early on Thursday to clean up his beautiful 'Vert. Also pictured are Jim's '66, Craig's '73, and Angella's '63.

Here's a bunch of Gatherers, obviously planning something sinister. From left to right is Jim, Bill, Dave, Ken, Craig, Peter, and Angella.

Apparently Karl and Brian H. showed up without fanfare and grabbed a primo spot. That's his convertible next to Bill's.

That's Kim, Karl, Brian, Angella, and Bill from left to right. Figures Karl would be on the left. I think his car pulls to the left, too.

Here are Karl's, Bill's, and Craig's engine bays, respectively.

Time for lunch! The three convertibles headed out to Shake 'n' Steak just south of the motel. Naturally we went quite several miles north and west before we found out it was about three blocks southeast of the motel. Involved were Karl, Brian, Bill, Kim, Craig, Angella, and Bruce

Back at the motel, we all cringed as Karl gave his Powertrax locker a workout. Click...click...click...sounded like it was about to self-destruct.

Last-minute polishing.

Hanging out in the blessed shade, waiting for something to happen. First picture is Bill, Brian, Angella, Craig, David, and Jim. Second image is Emo, Jill, Destiny, and Dave. That's Karl between Dave and Bill in the third shot.

Mr. and Mrs. Chevystroker arrived with their freshly-painted '72. Very similar color to a certain other '72 Nova that, disappointingly, wasn't there. Aren had also arrived by this time.

Pat Cossey also rolled in on Thursday evening in "The Mistress", a gorgeous '67. Around that same time, Lee, Ray, Dan, and Jake arrived. It was a busy evening!

6pm and time to go to Sonic for dinner!

Dave Smeal made it just in time for dinner as well. Man, what a beautiful car!

After dinner we went back to the motel and hung out and chatted the night away. We got kicked out of our little hangout area in the breezeway and had to move the conversation to the parking lot, but nobody really minded. I think those with the most to say didn't get to bed until after 1am.

Copyright 2003 Bruce Johnson and Craig Watson