Bruce's G2K Trip Stats Page


Here's Bruce's Trip Data (corrected for speedo error):
Time away from home:  5 days, 15 hours
Total miles traveled:  1964
Number of gas stops:  16
Gallons of fuel consumed:  153.3
Total cost of said gallons:  $302.39 (ouch!)
Average cost per gallon (premium):  $1.270
Average miles per gallon:  12.8 (after necessary mathematical adjustments)
Total hours in the driver's seat:  Lots!  (about 45)
Total Vehicular Mishaps:  Two (two pushrods didn't agree with their respective rocker arms, and the alternator bracket broke in north-central Illinois)
Repair Costs:  $44 (for two pushrods and two rocker arms from the Chevy dealer in Columbia, KY)
Highest speed observed:  110 mph (approaching Louisville, KY)
Quickest E.T.:  13.32@103.21
Number of days with measurable rain:  Six (yes, all of them)
Number of swipes my windshield wipers made:  Almost one
Highest RPM observed:  6500 (regularly)
Total motel costs:  $124 (two nights in the honeymoon suite (alone) at The News Inn)

Observed Roadkill


Wisconsin:  7


Wisconsin:  1
Illinois:  1


Indiana:  1


Indiana:  1


Kentucky:  Countless

Unidentifiable (but mostly intact):

Wisconsin:  9
Illinois:  3
Indiana:  3
Kentucky:  5

Unidentifiable (chunks)

Indiana:  1


Thanks everyone, I had an amazing weekend.  Everyone was unbelievably nice!  I really solidified some friendships and made a few new ones as well.  Life is good.