We're honored!

Gotta love it.

Even better, with two Novas.

Bob's and Angella's cars, must be checking in.

Yup.  Check out the Matchbox car cabinet door handles, Corvette models all around.  So cool!  Quite a car town.

We finally met Mark Scott, who was having car problems (understatement).

Both of his upper front control arm bushings fell out on the road somewhere in Arkansas.

Major drag, but he seemed to be in pretty good spirits.

Mark's engine bay

Discussing a plan of action.  Or inaction.

Dan Hardison and his dad, Butch, pulled in towing a beautiful, 454-powered Nova

It's an SS396 clone

Mark was getting busy (and dirty) (and sweaty).

Knocking the front end apart with a BFH

It worked!

People were starting to gather around (pun unintended).  Left to right is Jim, Ferg, KJ (minute rice), Lisa, Dennis, Butch, Lee, and Dan.

Larry and Di pulled in, and here they are.

Larry and Di Davis arrive with their awesome '72 in tow

And who says men can't color coordinate?

It didn't take long for the bench racing to start!

Chevystroker's '72

Mmmm, short slapper bars and a bent spring.  Maybe they should have been lengthened after all?

1.4 Mb video of Larry unloading his Nova

Larry's motor

Cheesehead (Jim Acker) trying to be funny

Jim Ackers big block '64 Impala (whose 454 wasn't quite enough to out muscle Craig's 307 stocker!)

Jim Ferguson's Rice Eater

The heart of Rice Eater


RICETR and Di, Fim, Ferg, Larry, Larry, Dan, Butch, Bob, Lisa, Dennis, Angella, and Lee

RICETR's rattling motor

The happy newlyweds:  Dennis and Lisa

Larry, Rob, Jim, Deb, Craig, Di, Lee, and Bob by Mark's car

Mark continues to make progress, Frapps tries to look busy so he doesn't have to get dirty

Bob Haggard's beautiful 283

Bob Haggard's beautiful '63

Bob Haggard's beautiful interior

Bill in KY's G2K-mobile

Heading out to Buffalo Wild Wings - quite a sight!  Craig's up front, then we see Dan, Bob, Shawn, Kayce, and Bruce J

Lee Green and parents in the hot rod

Larry, Bob, Shawn, Kayce, Bruce J, still trying to get to BW3

Friday evening greeted us with one very nasty looking storm!  Luckily that thing never started rotating.  Needless to say we had to eat inside at BW-3.

But our Novas had to sit outside and get drenched...again

Craig, Dan, Bob, Butch, Larry, Lisa, Angella, Shawn, Bob, Mike, Stacey...?

Mike, Stacey, Jim, Larry, Shawn, Clayton, ?, Bob, Lisa

Aren's, Bill's, Shawn's, Bob's?, Dan's, Kayce's, Larry's, Bob's, Bruce's

Big line at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Here are some of the Nova nuts inside BW-3.  From left to right we have Dennis and Lisa, Mike Jobst and Stacy Conway, Di, Deb Roberson, Larry and an unidentified arm

These are the St. Louis Nova nuts.  Shawn, Kayce, Stacy and Mike. (gee, I need a better scanner)

Di, Larry, Rob, and Babe.  I mean Deb.

Bob, Frapps, Craig, and Angella

Lee's mom, Lee, Lee's dad, and Glenda Haggard.  Where's Bob Haggard?

After it stopped raining, we went out on the patio for more fellowship and a small magic show.

Lisa was the focal point of the magic show.  Pretty amazing stuff.

The Novas at Baskin-Robbins - Bruce's and Larry's

Bruce's and Aren's Novas visible

Kayce's, Larry's, Bruce's, and Aren's