Saturday morning we all lined up behind the motel.

Ferg's ride with a big ol' snorkel

Karl in Kentuck's green and gray Nova

Karl's engine

Clayton's unstreetable race motor

Clayton's unstreetable race car

Clayton Fredrick's very quick Nova

Craig's '73.  You can sort of see the roll bar in this shot

We were nice and let Jim park his Impala with all the Novas behind the News Inn for the Saturday morning photo session ;-)

Karl Breslaw's sweeeeeeeeet convertible

Craig's wife Angella now is determined to find one of these to build.  So much for any more goodies for the black '73!

The lineup

The skies didn't look good, but that didn't stop us from hanging out in our favorite spot--the parking lot.

Angella was on a quest for a good picture spot.

Angella climbed up on the pool house (with help from her gentlemen husband Craig) with a bazillion cameras for cool shots such as this one.

1.1 Mb video of all the cars lined up behind the motel.

Nice rear ends

Dan Hardison's 454

Angella risking life and limb for another picture

Kayce's, Larry's, Bob R's, Mark's, Karl B's, Aren's vibromobile, Jim's, and Clayton's truck.

Look at all the Novas!

Looks like Aren may be getting a lecture at this point ;-)

Anybody want Angella's '85 Firechicken?  Only $1000!  Working A/C and cool 5 star rims!

This is what's under the hood of the Firechicken.  Oops, sorry, that's Larry's 383!

This is from four pics electronically pasted together, would make good wallpaper!

A bunch of jokers at the G2K picnic

Ferg, Larry, Kim, Bill, Karl, and Roger checking out Clayton's car

Novas, Novas, everywhere

Roger and Claton's son Shawn, then Bruce's, Dan's, Bill's, and Craig's Novas

What, exactly, is Jim doing with his left hand?

Jim and Craig manned the grills at the cookout at a nearby park in Bowling Green.

Jim brought LOTS o' BRATS

Karl Breslaw brought crab cakes!

We filled up the parking lots pretty well

Hey, you guys put all those plug wires back on Craig's car!  No need to sabotage, its only a stock 307 :-)

Looks like the same crew is now working over BJ's and Clayton's Novas.

Craig's, Bill's, Dan's, Bruce's and Clayton's

Mikes, Aren's, Kayce's, Bob Rowe's, and the hind quarter of Jim's boat, uh I mean Impala.

Jim's, Karl K's, Kenneth's Minute Ricer, Larry's and Ken's.

Those guy's just don't believe that there's not a sneaky trick under Craig's hood.  Honest, its only a 307.

I think we at too much!  There was tons of food!  Perogies, tamalies, brats, burgers, hot dogs, crab cakes, etc...

Off to Beech Bend Raceway!  Oh, and here we are already.