Cruising to the Corvette Museum is Bill and Kim, Clayton, and Shawn

We've arrived

The walk outside the Museum with lots of engraved blocks

A motley crew

Must be a body-off resto...

It's a pretty cool cutaway car, actually

Mirror shot of the underside

Big brass disc in the floor

Cool ad!

How times change...

Bunch of kiddie cars

Actual air filter artwork

Oil filter artwork

All-aluminum 427 ZL-1

Holley equals power!


Crash test vehicle at only 30 mph.  Ouch.

When I buy my new 'Vette, remind me not to crash it.

296 Kb video of nothing but Corvette models, in the boxes, at the Corvette Museum.  Amazing.

Callaway SuperNatural Corvette LeMans

The Callaway's engine

Cutaway of an LT5

Stretched 'Vette (see distance between the front wheel opening and the door?) with a Ryan Falconer V-12

Corvette Quilt

Another Corvette Quilt

Fool and a 'Vette

Craig and Bruce trying to make the dang thing faster so it can keep up with a Nova

Shawn and Frapps kickin' back

Shawn and Frapps STILL in there...

Did Shawn or the car put Frapps to sleep?

Much of the Nova List Gathering attendees trying to organize for a group picture, but a couple people were lagging behind.

Still waiting, but we won't mention any names, right Haggard and Breslaw?

The gang - finally

The gang, less Lisa Stricklin

Everyone trying to get away before I try to organized another group shot...

Now they're coming after me.  See Bob trying to sucker me in with a friendly wave, but the faces on Larry, Di, and Frapps tell the real story.

The last shot before the majority of us split up, taken at Hardees (the lunch spot), across from the Museum.  You know the cars by now.

Heading back to the motel after lunch, here's Bob.

Karl Breslaw's beautiful convertible

The Man himself

Bill's '63(?)

Bill and Kim.  Really.  No, I can't see them either.

The Chevystroker-mobile

Larry and Di, heading back to Alabama.

Karl and Nova again.

Nice line of Novas.  Karl's, Craig's, Bruce's, and Bob's.

Bob's, Bruce's, Craig's, and Karl's.

Craig trying to break into Karl's car.  Either that or installing a G2K sticker.

The G99 sticker

The G2K sticker

Ken Stricklin's Nova

One more quick snap shot before hitting the road back to Columbia. Dang, that's a nice color of blue!