Off I go to Kentucky - odometer reading is 206589.47.  I already need gas, so my first gas stop is one mile from home, but I won't count that one.

Where to go?  Okay south, not north.  Quick lane change necessary!

Crossing the St. Croix river into Wisconsin

...and up the hill into 'Sconnie'

Wisconsin welcomes ME!  I'm honored, but only passing through

Oh, goody.  65 mph speed limits on the rural Interstates.  BORING!

Prettier than the southern half of Minnesota, actually.

Some hills....and some rain clouds bringing the occassional light sprinkle, nothing major.

Gas stop #1:  Tomah, WI - Home of Ken Stricklin!

Going slower....and slower....

Well at least now I know what city I'm puttering through!

55 mph?  I WISH I was going 55 mph!

What's with the sideways signal lights?

Gas stop #2, Madison I believe.

Made it to Illinois, no welcome sign visible.  They just want you to pay up.  Oh, and it started to rain.

Doh!  Then the real rain came.  my wipers still don't work.

Done with the toll roads, light sprinkle, wipers worked for one swipe.  Almost.

Ummm....a bridge....over some water....

Another bridge over more water in Illinois

Straight, flat, and boring

Threatening clouds (the picture doesn't do the clouds justice)

Getting more threatening...

It wasn't an idle threat.

It started raining quite heavily.  Long Live Rain-X!!!!  That's not fog, it was just raining that heavily.  I drove through this severe storm as it also traveled east, so it took a long time to get through it!

Back in the sunshine for a while.  What's up with these speed limits?!?  Glad I'm not a trucker.

The fourth state I was in since 5:30am that day

Crappy roads in Indiana, at least that part.

Twin City Collision?  Dang, I left the Twin Cities hours ago!

Gas stop #4 west of Indianapolis (where was stop #3?  Oh yeah, Bloomington, IL)


Only in Indy (as far as I know) do they put Top Fuelers on billboards!

And on to Louisville...

WOW, what's with all the truck traffic?

Cementville?  Nice name.

Bridge between Indiana and Kentucky

Wow, everyone's welcoming me today.  Except Illinois.

So the Kentucky Derby is in Kentucky, huh?  Ironic.  Or not.


Trying to be artsy-fartsy, and you know I like yellow...

There they are again

Pretty area

Great scenery

Interesting place for a billboard

More scenery

936 Kb video of scenery between Louisville and Elizabethtown, KY.

Gas stop #5?  Elizabethtown, KY

My turn off to go to Columbia

Car up on blocks - the only one I saw the whole weekend

Beautiful drive through the countryside

More artsy stuff

This one, too

Last picture on the way to the Watson home

Made it safe and sound!