The First Annual Nova List Gathering
Part 4
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We were now waiting for eliminations to begin, sitting in the stands, watching the Pro and Super Pro cars run.  It was fun to watch and gave us a chance to relax and have a bite to eat, but the wait got to be a little long.
Here's Craig and Angella:
And here's the rest of the group (except me):
Well, Shawn is kind of hidden behind Craig's head, but that's Mike facing the camera and Kayce to the right with the sneer on here face.  I think I surprised her with the picture or something.
Here's a better shot of Shawn and Kayce.  No, they're NOT boyfriend/ girlfriend, although Craig, Angella, and I thought they were...

And here's a nice shot of Kayce's '71 6-cylinder:

Mike and his 14-second '68:

Craig's '73's motor:
Craig's sticky, wrinkle-wall, DOT-legal, M&H Racemaster drag racing tires:

Here's Shawn's 6-cylinder '72:

And my '72 (which you've probably seen enough of, right?):

Okay, the next page has some eliminations stuff on it, I promise!
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