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Ready to go, Ground Zero

6:27 a.m.

Minneapolis skyline

All is well, rpm are your friend

Gas stop #1

Great, Iowa again

Home of lame speed limits

Runnin' cool, good pressure...

Street rods heading to Minneapolis for the Back to the Fifties weekend

I must have seen 50 street rods between home and Des Moines

Oh Jeez, looks like it might rain.  Again.

Ain't no doubt

Man, just ONCE I'd like to go to a Gathering without getting rained on!  If this tradition continues for another 5-6 years, I just might have to install windshield wipers!

These chicks wanted me.  Yeah.  Actually they held up a notebook in which they wrote, 'CAMARO?'  Sluts.

Headin' to Des Moines to meet up with Jim and his cousin Larry

And there they are

Ahh, made it out of Iowa to Missouri, The Crappy Road State

Into Kansas City

Kansas City

Kansas City

More Kansas City

Same same

These people wanted a picture of the welcome sign.  I did too, but I wasn't stupid enough to exit my vehicle on a major Interstate!

Made it to Dave Middleton's house in K.C.

Dave talking to his wife, Trish

Dave leading, Jim following

I love road construction

The Kansas Turnpike was quite beautiful.  Well, at least the lay of the land surrounding the turnpike was beautiful.

El Dorado, Kansas (no gold to be found)

You don't see these in Minnesota!

We made it!

Downtown Winfield

And the Camel Lot

Bruce's Trip to KS

Craig's Trip to KS

Thursday Evening


Saturday Racing

Saturday Picnic


Bruce's Trip Home

Craig's Trip Home

G01 Awards and Stats