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Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Bowling Green, KY--Home of G2K

Its a little hard to see, but the dam on the Tennessee River that forms Kentucky Lake is in the background

The Tennessee River in Western Kentucky

Just north of Wickliffe, KY, US-60 follows the Eastern banks of the Mississippi.  The land is very low-lying and wet here

The Ohio River Bridge at Cairo, Ill

A closer view of the Ohio bridge

Looking across the Ohio a small section of Illinios with Missouri in the background

Cairo, Ill--where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet

There was a nice park at Cairo down by the rivers

This shot was taken on the point of land right where the rivers converge

Its a good thing these things didn't bite.  There was an unbelievable amount of them near the trees in the park

A larger barge of coal came down the Mississippi while we were walking around the park

Big bridges are cool--I'm not much of a fan of Jeff Bridges

Notice how small those semi trucks look--massive structure

After taking all these pictures of the scenery, I couldn't resist taking snapping a shot of the truck/trailer/Nova

Murphy's Law of Towing--when towing a wide trailer, you will meet a semi on the narrowest section of road

Here we are about to cross the Mississippi and enter Missouri

Looking up the Mississippi from the US-60 bridge

I promise I was awake while driving--well most of the time

I had no idea it was this easy to buy it in Missouri

This concludes our first day of travel to G01.

Thursday, June 21,2001

sleeping beauty

A wide band of showers slowed our progress Thursday morning

Of course my wipers would quit on me. Luckily they decided to start working again after a few minutes

Our son loves trains, so this shot is for Timothy

There are lots of interesting sites along Route 66, such as this building in Springfield, Missouri

One of the many old motels along Rt. 66

The next few pictures are all from Rt. 66 as well

The sign in the previous picture was next to this bridge

These rock buildings are all along the 'main st. of America'

A large amount of Rt. 66 was concrete for many years

Another lovely old bridge

Not quite as lovely, but you can see the age of the road

Sections of the mother road are still maintained and heavily used

Missouri has done a good job of marking the old route in most places

Pictures can't do justice to the gorgeous court house in Carthage, MO

The weather in Kansas was gorgeous all weekend

Southeastern Kansas

No houses, no side roads, no powerlines, no signs, etc.

Who says there aren't hills in Kansas?

We're finally in Winfield after 16 hours on the road over the course of 30 hours total

Winfield was wonderful. Tree lined streets, friendly people and Saheb!

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