G01 Awards

All told we had 62 people attend G01, the highest Gathering attendance total ever. There were also 22 Novas and one Camaro there for the event. Thanks everyone!


Low E.T.

Tony Stafford - 11.08 @ 118.37 mph

Low E.T. - Runner-Up

Craig Watson - 11.809 @ 116.36 mph


sLow E.T.

Dave Middleton - 19.999 @ 67(?) mph

sLow E.T. - Runner-Up

James Leonard - 18.36 @ 71.94 mph


Top Eliminator

Rich Marshall

Top Eliminator - Runner-Up

Bruce Johnson


Long Distance in a Nova

John Soliday - 1740 miles

Long Distance in a Nova - Runner Up

Karl Breslaw - 1287 miles


Hard Luck Award

Karl Breslaw - Charging system, running hot, blown pinion seal


Chick Award

Deb Roberson - 13.97 @ 97.71 mph
Only woman to race down the dragstrip


Hardest Bitten by the Go-Faster Bug

Robert Nelson


Thanks everyone, see you next year!



Bruce's Trip to KS

Craig's Trip to KS

Thursday Evening


Saturday Racing

Saturday Picnic


Bruce's Trip Home

Craig's Trip Home

G01 Awards and Stats