The First Annual Nova List Gathering
Friday Night!
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I finally made it to St. Louis, thank goodness. I had planned to arrive about 6pm, but instead, thanks to my attempted (and failed) Storm Avoidance Detour, I got there about 7:45 pm.  As soon as I opened the door to my room the phone was ringing.  I picked it up and Shawn (Five0Kiler) was on the other end.  He had waited around the motel from 2:00-3:30 that afternoon waiting for our arrival, but finally decided he better go to work just as Rick (ThreeRRRs) and his wife pulled up in his wife's purple Blazer.  They chatted for a few minutes but Shawn had to get rolling, so they parted ways for the time being.
Anyway, on the phone Shawn said he and the welcoming committee would be there shortly.  As I hung up, wondering what he was talking about, I saw Rick pull into the lot with Craig Watson not far behind him, Nova in tow.  Craig had planned on arriving around 3pm Friday, but some early morning electrical gremlins assured a late arrival. At least we were there now!
A few minutes later I opened my room's door and this is what I saw:
My Nova was surrounded by other Novas!  Way cool!  They turned out to be Shawn's cousin Mike's '68 at the bottom of the pic, then Shawn's '72, then my '72, then Kayce's '71.  Man, it doesn't get any better than that!
But no one was around.
I walked around the Novas, checking them out...
...and walked over to Craig's room.  Sure enough, there were all over there, checking out his '73, so I joined in the party.
That's Kayce on the right, Shawn in the white T-shirt, and Craig next to him.  Craig unhooked the car from the trailer and fired it up and backed it off.  Wow, what a nice sounding Nova! Those 3" pipes and Hooker Max Flow mufflers sure sound mean!  That drew a few people out of their motel rooms and they started asking questions about Craig's car, so we're trying to introduce ourselves to each other, while checking out Craig's car and talking to our fellow motel-stayers, too!  It was fun.
We realized how hungry we were, so we all hopped in our Novas and cruised Lindburgh Blvd. up to Longhorn Steakhouse for a late dinner (it was after 9:00 by this time).  Shawn's cousin Mike dusted a cocky Mustang GT on the way, so it was a fun drive.  Picture five nice '68-'73 Novas cruising the strip and you get the idea.
This is where we ate:
I didn't take the digital camera with me to dinner, the picture was taken Sunday afternoon as we passed by it again.
Anyway, we talked about Novas, the trip to St. Louis, Novas, tickets, Novas, crashes, Novas, racing, and Novas. We had a great time.  Shawn, Mike, and Kayce were great, and another of their friends showed up with his '79 Nova just as we were about done with dinner.  We hung out in the parking lot for another hour or so after dinner and finally called it a night.  Craig, his wife Angella and I cruised Lindburgh back to the motel, chatted a little more, and went our separate ways.
One side note, Lindburgh Blvd. ends just south of the motel where we were staying.  What it does is if you stay in the left lane, it veers out to the right and then directs you perpendicularly to a stop sign at northbound Lindburgh.  Take a left and you're back on the strip, going the other way!  Man, it's like it was made especially for cruising!  Gotta love it.

Thus ended the first day of The 1st Annual Nova List Gathering.
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