G2K trophies along with one G99 trophy

Craig, Bob, Angella and Bruce heading off to Bowling Green

On the road again...


EVERY grave had flowers.  Very nice.

Columbia, KY in the distance

Downtown Columbia

Here we are gassing up in Columbia before heading to Bowling Green for the official beginning of the long awaited G2K

Gassin' up (dang gas-hog hot rods!)

Beautiful countryside in Kentucky

Much more interesting than Illinois and Indiana!

Craig cruising his home state

Craig trying to keep up with the Does Go.  Actually we just go through the toll booth.

Trying to be cool

Being cool...160Kb video

Laid-back Bob

Bob was very generous to offer to trailer all of our stuff to and from Bowling Green

Bob in his Nova and Angella in her Poncho

Unknown Nova on the road, fell in with us for a few miles, then moved on ahead.

Needed a little work, but it was cool.

Ahh, yes.  I almost forgot what rain was like!  It had been at least 14 hours since I last saw it...

We pulled off the highway to check Bob's trailer tire.  Turns out the tread was coming ofF.  No good.

We pulled off at the next exit for a replacement tire, Craig had (unknowingly) gone on ahead.

We were already running late, now this.

Back on the road, Craig in front, Bob in the mirror.

Hey, we made it!

The Corvette Assembly Plant

The Corvette Museum sign

The Corvette Museum

There it is, the News Inn!

We're honored!

Ya gotta love it!

Even better, with two Novas.