Columbia at 5am

The NAPA where I bought a couple hose clamps and a carb gasket

It wasn't raining or foggy, it was just that humid

Okay, here it was raining - again.  Campbellsville, KY.

And yet it was still pretty

Didn't stop

More brutal humidity

Gas stop #367.  The pump didn't shut itself off until it had spewed half a gallon of premium all over my license plate and the ground.  Nice.

Heading up through north-central KY towards Louisville

Still humid

The drive was boring so I had to create some excitement.  No, I wasn't in 'Park', my selector is disconnected.  If you watch carefully I think you can see the gas gauge needle plummeting.

Great, another traffic jam

More bridges - heading into Indiana

Told ya...

I really need to move to that town!

Another gas stop (I've lost track by now), this one in southern Indiana.

I didn't even know my other business was still going...


Two of Indiana's finest.  The one on the left passed me as I was going about 70 in a 65, the one on the right was going about 60.

So I passed him.  Nervously, since my speedo isn't terribly accurate.


I was still bored, looking for picture ops.

I'm very serious about my driving...

Eat and get gas.  I only got gas.

Another beautiful, colorful 'Welcome to Illinois' sign...

336 Kb video of Bruce being bored in boring Illinois.

Funky water tower

There's nothing to look at in Illinois.  A whole lot o' nothing!

Bored again

I love gas.  I pulled in here, shut down the Nova, looked over the next building and saw a cheaper price on gas.  I cranked the motor back up and heard an awful noise.  I thought maybe my oil pressure was shot!  No good.  But it was fine. the hood and my lower bracket for my low-mount alternator had broken.  VERY fortunately I had brought my stock brackets with me just in case I threw belts at the track.  It was fine at the track, but not in north-central Illinois!  I fixed it, gassed up, and got back on the road.

They welcomed me back

'Breaker 1-9, there's a house travelling north on I-94 at approximately 50 mph.  Please advise.

Sure am glad I'm not on THAT side of the highway!

472 Kb video of Bruce being bored and stupid in boring Wisconsin.

Getting gas near Stoughton, WI.  Tried to get ahold of Brad, no luck.

Only in Wisconsin

A river in central WI

The best one yet

MAN, I'm ready to be home!  About 180 miles left.

Sconnie ain't bad

Are the gas stops getting more frequent or am I taking mercifully fewer pictures?

More Wisconsin-only stuff

1.4 Mb video, 3 hours since the last video, Bruce starting to crack up in central Wisconsin.

Ah yes, Minnesota in the distance!!!

Sad the trip is coming to a close, but happy to be home.

After 14 hours on the road, my right heel hurt.  Go figure.  I need cruise control.

My final gas stop, one mile from home.  Same place I started 5-1/2 days ago.

Final odometer reading - 208900.2.

That's it!  It's over.

Here's Bruce's Trip Data (corrected for speedo error):