Here we are, approaching the Beech Bend.

Strange way to design a road, but it was pretty.

Frapps and Angella getting it all documented.  They filmed the whole bunch of us coming in, but Bruce, Dennis, and Lisa waited for Aren to show up at the park (WHICH HE NEVER DID) so we were behind.

The rumbling Novas caravan to Beech Bend Raceway Park.

A few of us were lagging behind.

Well, he was runner up for sLow ET, so we can excuse him for bringing up the rear ;-)

Waiting to get in.  I think by this time Ferg had already blown his engine (before he even got in).  Bummer.

Bruce changing from street tires to Craig's unstreetable M&H Racemasters (thanks again, Craig!)

Craig changing from street tires to his unstreetable Drag Radials

Craig bolts up the sticky BFG drag radials to harness the wild torque of the mighty 307 stocker!

Everyone must have been watching the battle for Low ET between Clayton, Larry and Dan.

2quicknovas getting ready to pair off at the Bend!

Craig's M&H's vs. Craig's drag radials!

And Craig pulls ahead by a nose!

Bruce isn't as fast as he'd hoped, but was it enough to hold off the might mini-mouse?

Ouch, somebody just got spanked! Craig would eventually go 14.35@93, which ain't bad for what was under the hood.

Craig vs. Roger's Geo.

This Mustang II got walked by numerous Novas, including Bruce's.  Ah Pony meat, it tastes so good!

Here is Craig playing crew chief.

You've just gotta love seeing someone smoke the hides on a car this nice!

Here's Dan about to absolutely slaughter Bruce on the 'strip.

After losing to Dan by over a full second, Bruce had to do something, just to make it look good.  The ghostly white spark plugs made the decision to up the jets to 76/82.  Lots of snickering going on by the peanut gallery, too.  There's Dan, Butch, Dennis, Bruce, Craig, and Bob.

Here's Shawn roasting one tire trying to get it to hook up.

Eddie vs. Roger

Shawn ran 16 passes at G2K!  Once he had some good rubber on the back of his Nova, he went 14.2s, which put a very large smile on his face!

Shawn smoking a Mustang.

Ignore the file name, this is Dan vs. Mike.

Is that Mike or Ken taking on Larry?

Ferg's son Kenneth joined us and had a great time thrashing his Toyota pickup.  He took home the Shawn O'Donnell Good Sportsman award for taking all the good natured rice jokes in stride. Here he is doing battle with Bob Rowe.

The Beech Bend Tower

Slicked up Does Go.  Larry let Bruce run his slicks, since Larry was nursing a leaky intake manifold.  Thanks Larry!  It didn't drop my E.T., but it was fun.

Bruce, Shawn and Larry.  Everyone had a good time at the track, even though it did rain us out before we could crown a new Top Eliminator.  So I guess Bruce gets to brag for another year.  Oh no!

Sticky street tires, slicks, three Novas....hey, what's a Pontihack doing in this shot?

Clayton's, Craig's, Bruce's, Shawn's, and Bill's Novas

Bill's, Shawn's, Bruce's, and Craig's Novas, Angella's car, Larry's Nova (hiding), and the Robersonmobile.

Another pit shot

Bob and Glenda Haggard and their Nova.  And various tires.

Lisa and Dennis Blazewicz

Rob and Deb Roberson

My buddy Rob

Butch and Dan Hardison, Bill and Kayce in the background

More Bob and Glenda

Heading back towards the Lone Star for dinner after racing.  Mike's '68 and Shawn's '72.

Buncha yahoos.  Starting at lower left and going around:  Kayce, Lisa Stricklin, Stricklin kid #1, Stricklin kid #2, Mike, Stacey, Lisa, Dennis, Kim, Bill, Ken, Shawn.

More yahoos.  Frapps on the end, then Dan, Craig, Angella, Shawn, Clayton, Karl B., Larry, Di, Babe (Deb), Rob, Glenda, and Bob.

264 Kb video at the Lone Star.

195 Kb video at the Lone Star.

568 Kb video at the Lone Star, the other table.

The spot for Saturday's dinner.  You should have seen the bathroom walls.

The racing was great, but hanging out with friends was the best part.  Bruce's smile says it all.

These are the folks repsonsible for the perogies.  Great food, even greater people!

We had this problem with splitting up and going our separate ways all weekend, we talked in the Lone Star parking lot for over an hour.  Shawn, Craig, Angella (with the itchy nose), Kayce (behind Angella), Lee, Lisa, and Dennis.

Someone said Bruce's camera wouldn't be able to take a picture of the moon.  It ain't great, but it worked.