The G2K Stats Page


39 people

23 list members

18 Novas, 1 Impala



Top Eliminator:
- none (we got rained out)


Low E.T.:
  Clayton Fredrick - 11.87@?

Runner Up:  Larry Davis (Chevystroker) - 11.97@110.03


sLow E.T.:
  Karl Breslaw - 21.67@63.56

Runner Up:  Eddie King - 21.35@64.75


Long Distance in a Nova:
  Mark Scott - 921 miles

Runner Up:  Bruce Johnson - 877 miles


Long Distance NOT in a Nova:
 Bruce Frappied - 2xxx miles


Hard Luck Award:
  Jim Ferguson - toasted his motor at the gate to Beech Bend!

Runner Up:  Rob Roberson - cracked block, cracked tranny, metal shavings, etc...


List Flounder (Founder) Award:
  Aren Cambre - it's all his fault


The Shawn O'Donnel Good Sportsmanship Award:
  KJ (Ferg's son) for putting up with the anti-rice comments all weekend 


June 14-18 was quite a weekend for Bruce and Craig (and the rest of the G2K attendess). Bruce arrived in Columbia, KY at about 8:00 pm on Wednesday before G2K to spend a couple days at the Watson home and had a long but safe drive down from Minneapolis. We had all kinds of things planned and not all of it got done, but we did plenty of bench racing (and maybe a little street racing), catching up, hanging out and G2K Nova prep.

Bob Rowe also made the short drive over to Craig's house on Thursday and we all had a nice time. Craig gave Bob and Bruce the official junkyard tour in search of some rocker arms for Bruce's Vortec-headed 355, but we ended up at the local GM dealership where BJ payed an arm and a leg for two rockers and pushrods.

Bruce, Craig, Angella and Bob headed out for Bowling Green a little after 11:00 am on Friday for the official start of G2K. After a couple short delays, we finally made it to the News Inn in one piece. A few Nova-listers were already there, so the gabbing commenced immediately and didn't end until late Sunday afternoon! It sure was cool to see all the Novas rolling in. Everyone (except Mark Scott) seemed to really be enjoying themselves, but Mark got his Nova back in one piece and joined the fun.

We ate dinner at BW3 and everyone seemed to have a good time. Too bad it rained and we had to eat inside, but them's the breaks! It was hard to keep the whole group together and as a result, not everyone made it to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. We'll work on that problem for next year (we've already got some ideas).

Saturday started out with a nice photo session behind the News Inn. It was so cool to see all those Novas (and one Impala ;-) all lined up. Talk about a big jump from the number of cars at G99! The skies didn't look too promising, but by lunch time they had cleared off and the picnic/cookout was a big success. Tons and tons of great food, many people had brought some of their local favorites and it really made for a nice meal.

Unfortunately the rain didn't stay away, but Bruce and Craig had arranged to get into Beech Bend Raceway two hours early, so we all had a chance to make quite a few dragstrip passes. Only test-n-tuning took place before the rain started, so we didn't have a chance to crown a new Top Eliminator, unfortunately. We all had fun, however, watching the battle for Low ET, sLow ET, and to see whether or not Jim's big block Impala could beat Craig's 307 stocker (Craig didn't get his 383 put back together in time for G2K, so he was loaded for rabbit instead of bear).

The upside to the rain was that it gave us a good excuse to go stuff our faces at the Lone Star steak house. You'd think that we would have run out of stuff to talk about by then, but we were a loud bunch. Luckily, we had our own room! :-)

Sunday started with the Gathering awards ceremony and after that the group started to split up. Some had to head for home early while others toured the National Corvette Museum. Sadly G2K had to come to an end and we went our separate ways in the middle of Sunday afternoon.

We (Craig and Bruce) would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who made it to G2K and to everyone else on the Nova List for helping to make this possible.  Two years ago Craig thought it would be cool for everyone to get together once a year like other e-mail listservs have done, so he spearheaded this whole Gathering thing, much to our enjoyment.  G99 didn't have a great turnout, but it was a blast.  G2K was better in virtually every way!  What will hold for G01?  Be there to find out.

We hope this event (and the Nova List) will continue to evolve and improve over time, just like our Novas.

Thanks again, everyone, we had way too much fun for only one weekend!  Can't wait until next year.