Ahh, a beautiful site

A garage full o' Novas

Bruce had to adjust his valves, he forgot to go 1/4 turn beyond zero lash during assembly,  and they were clattering.

A new record for the greatest number of Novas at the Watson estate at one time

Bob Rowe came over to hang out

And I CHOOSE to hang with these guys?

The Watson homestead isn't usually littered with engine hoists and such, contrary to most people's perceptions of KY

Craig watching Bob work

The more the merrier

Bob Rowes Yenko Clone

Bruce, Craig and Bob spent most of the day Thursday tweaking the Novas and chasing down self-aligning rocker arms for Bruce's Vortec heads (which munched a couple rockers and push rods on the way to KY

Another shot of the KY Novas

Heading out for a little cruise through the countryside on the way to G-Tech Roaming Raceway

Video of Bruce's hood and Craig's '73 cruising through the outskirts of Columbia, KY.  456 Kb, video by Bruce (while driving).

Another video, this one is 376 Kb, also by Bruce while driving.

This one is 1.4 Mb, a little cooler, more curves, more in-car video.

Getting deep into the woods now...

MAN is it humid!  That's not normal cool morning fog, this is brutal humidity!

447 Kb video of Craig doing a 14.5 second G-Tech run.

507 Kb video of Bruce doing a 13.5 second G-Tech run.

Heading back from G.R.R.

Craig's 3-legged Attack Cat